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Judicial representation

Our team has extensive experience in pleadings before general courts, commercial courts, criminal, labor, and administrative courts, providing legal assistance to clients and defending them before various judicial authorities. and others.

Environmental issues

The Legal team in the Office handles environmental pollution cases resulting from industrial wastes, hazardous wastes and claim appropriate compensation in accordance with the provisions of the Environment Law and the international agreements ratified by the Government of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia as well as the laws and  regulations of Presidency of Meteorology and Environment (PME).

Registration of agencies, trademarks and business names

Our legal team registers agencies, trademarks and trade names with the competent authorities and provides legal protection for the name, trademark and registered commercial agency by addressing and prosecuting the infringers and imitators.

Patent Rights

The company’s work team registers agencies, trademarks and trade names with the competent authorities and provides legal protection for the name and trademark registered in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Foreign and Industrial Investment Services

Our legal team provides the necessary legal services to foreign investors in accordance with the investment system, and foreign companies benefit from our various services in this regard to establish legal entities for foreign companies or investors.

Property issues and expropriation

We have a specialized team that provides leading legal services in real estate disputes, issuance of title deeds and compensation for expropriation for the public benefit. Our legal team represents our clients in general courts across the Kingdom in real estate cases.

Liquidation of Assets

The legal team in the office performs all the necessary procedures and procedures to liquidate the estate and distribute it to the beneficiaries in accordance with the provisions of Islamic Sharia.

Public and judicial Auctions management

The legal team in the company conducts public and judicial auctions, and performs all necessary preliminary procedures to obtain the approval of the competent judicial authorities for incorporation and control in accordance with the applicable regulations.

Disputes settlement and arbitration

We have a team specialized in arbitration cases and alternative dispute resolution, where the work team predicts indicators of complex and high-value commercial and financial disputes in various fields, as we guide our clients to overcome such disputes in a way that leads to achieving their commercial and financial goals through mediation. Settling these disputes or resorting to arbitration. We also provide preventive advice and counseling that protects our clients from being drawn into conflicts.

Authentication Services

The company has notaries who provide a variety of documentation services, including but not limited to: documenting corporate contracts, making and dissolving agencies, making declarations and documenting debts, finalizing real estate sale procedures, dividing estates, and documenting commercial transactions and contracts.

Mergers & Acquisitions

Our team have extensive experience in the field of M&A transactions between commercial entities.

Banking and Finance

Our banking team has the highest levels of banking expertise, quality and accuracy in providing legal advice to clients, which covers a full range of banking and financial businesses, as we work with many financial authorities in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in both the public and private sectors as well as individuals, and because The past few years have been one of the most challenging challenges in the international finance markets, we have made sure that our clients were up to date with the latest legislative and regulatory changes by taking advantage of our relationship with international law firms spread around the world, where our team recently represented one of the companies Contributing to the Saudi stock market in the process of rescheduling the facilities provided by three local banks with a value of one billion and one hundred million Saudi riyals.

Corporate Services

Our legal team provides a wide range of legal services to clients and these services include the drafting of contracts for the establishment of commercial companies, contracts for joint ventures, and other legal agreements related to commercial activity.

Real estate and property management

We view real estate in the broadest sense, taking into accounts all aspects impacting the built environment in which we operate. It will always include the physical land or the building constructed on that and but it doesn’t stop there. 

We consider the design of the building. Its energy consumption and how technologically future-proof it is, how the land or building is financed (whether by debt or equity), and the issues relating to public property companies.


We believe in hiring and training highly skilled, dynamic people with a focus on finding solutions for our clients and enjoying the relationships we build with them. We are committed to delivering value to our clients by adapting our services to meet the specific needs of our clients and the challenging business environments in which our clients operate. Where the company provides a training opportunity for a limited period in one of the external offices of our partners around the world to increase the skill and experience of the trainees.


We have a group of legal advisors who have extensive experience in the fields of gas, oil and energy, as they have previously drafted and reviewed many commercial contracts related to the generation, transmission and distribution of electricity, as well as drafting contracts for joint ventures in production and joint operating agreements between companies, where our legal team represented Many companies operating in the oil and gas field are in the negotiation stage with third parties, in addition to providing legal advice on a number of oil and LNG supply contracts, various pipeline projects, restructuring of refining and processing facilities, financing energy projects and a number of asset sale and purchase agreements in companies Petroleum.

Commercial Litigation

Your goal is to resolve the conflict as efficiently and cost-effectively as possible or to avoid conflicts in the first place. Members of our Saudi team act as arbitrators and mediators and thus have the necessary expertise to advise on the most effective way to resolve the dispute. We focus specifically on shareholder, joint venture and commercial agency disputes, which are prevalent issues in Saudi Arabia. We have the experience and expertise to assist you with your legal and business strategy and ensure that the strategy is properly executed. In addition to engaging in disputes, our litigation management team is also very keen on settling commercial disputes between parties amicably in order to avoid paying fees for judicial costs in Saudi courts.

Drafting Bylaws

Our legal team has extensive experience in drafting internal regulations for companies and commercial entities, as our team has drafted many internal regulations for many government and private agencies, including the internal regulations of the Supreme Judicial Council.

Litigation and Disputes

The company appoints a lawyer to represent people before Saudi courts and judicial and quasi-judicial committees.

Contracting and Constructing Companies

We have a legal consultant team to fulfill the needs of our clients in initial stages of projects from drafting contract between parties and clarifying contractual maintaining to its rights in the contract. We have a team of specialized consultants working in business relationship, tenders management and governmental tenders through providing legal advice.

Legal Representation

The company provides a service of legal representation for companies and commercial establishments to meet all their needs, as the legal team in the office has extensive experience by representing individuals and commercial entities in many different parties.